YSS Shock Absorber Review for Honda Wave 125

The Honda Wave 125 rear shock absorber always rated as soft by most of the user. Actually it is design for comfort but some how Malaysia road is so bumpy and result the absorber worn out quicker. I have seen most of the user has change to aftermarket absorber for better

performance. My absorber set was just passed 100,000km. I always have a pillion on board and recently I just feel like riding horse on a bumpy road. When exiting corner the bike will swing to the opposite direction. Due to safety reason it should be replace.

I did some online research and survey at spare parts shop. Most user recommend brand Gazi, Showa and YSS. The former two are not easily to find and many imitations in market. Other unnamed brand is range from RM70 to RM100. Some even come with gas canister which look kind high tech but the dealer told me it is more for cosmetic rather than performance. The best option left is YSS which has wide range of models and inexpensive. I google and found JuniorZ is carrying YSS dealership in Malaysia. I make a trip to his store at Batu Caves.

The YSS absorber is made in Thailand and exported to many countries include Japan, Europe, Australia and America. I believe it has OEM quality in this industry. The model for my bike has few colour variants; gold/black spring, gold/red spring, blue/white spring and full chrome. The gold and red spring suit my bike most.

First impression of YSS absorber is – HEAVY. It is about 4kg compare with my existing 3kg each. It doesn’t feel cheap quality and the soldering is very well and neat. The spring is very high quality too with hard plastic cover. The best thing of this absorber is adjustable for different weight load. It has 3 levels setup from 60-160kg, 160-220kg and 220kg up. But you need some force to adjust it since it is very tight. The absorber design is up-side-down type which gives your bike more racing look. :)

After mounted with YSS rear absorber immediate I feel my bike has gain weight. I need to adapt the new weight to put on double-stand. The bike acceleration is a little affected because of the weight but it is OK since my bike got good torque. The riding is smooth and comfort, even with pillion at back. I still maintain the 60-160kg setup since both person weight is in that range. When doing cornering alone, it is tight and hard. I can make a 80km/h curve confidently. Overall I am very satisfied with the ‘upgrade’ and it only cost me RM120.

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