AirAsia’s People Day

“Finally! The new girls are in town!”

That is the headline of today. Finally AirAsia has linked up Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Finally the dream come true after 6 years of waiting. Finally it’s no more waiting. Finally…

Tony said that Kuala Lumpur-Singapore flight was virgin flight of AirAsia. They even made an ads in Singapore press with tag line “There are new girls in town. Twice the fun and half the price!” However thing not always turn out smooth in last minute. The first AirAsia’s destination was called off a week before it depart. Now having the route in AirAsia’s map meaning we had won it back. Tony mentioned “Always fight one more round… Don’t give up.

As a reward and thank you to staff, Tony declared AirAsia Holiday. Not to forget CNY is near by, they also give angpow to staff. Some lucky guy got RM100 for it! What a memorial day.


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