Food Guide

I went down to Puchong to find a pork noodle stall. It’s a recommended place by Popular Food Guide.
Since I am having late lunch at 3pm, my desire call a large bowl. Yes, it’s really large and only cost RM4.00.
For me the food should impress by it’s tastiness and not only price factor. But this time it only turn out to be the second one.
The best pork noodle i ever had was in Sungai Buloh where I have lunch. Crunchy pork meat ball and tasty soup just nice. Not too oily and at perfect cook timing. I would rate the Puchong’s with 2 out of 5 stars.

Nickee ordered the prawn mee, another recommendations from the guide. No that impressive as well. 2 stars given.

Conclusion is the food guide author write up just to fulfill the pages. Else it would read like Puchong area got no good food to eat.
I believe there is many more good food in Puchong which is not documented by him. Also many good restaurants are not listed.
Perhaps the guide was written based on author experience or his friend recommendations.
When you go out with friend, everywhere also could be a good eating place if everyone have the same taste.
Food is very personal. It is art.


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