CJ7 and Amargeddon

The most thing I done in this New Year is movie watching. There are plenty of movies in TV. However I still join the crowd for a CNY blockbuster – CJ7.

CJ7 is not a ordinary Stephen Chow’s comedy. Don’t expect to see much new funky tricks. He has made the most dramatic movie of his career. The story is fairly simple and plan. But it does success to capture the crowd heart. A poor father died when same day his son pass the exam he ever dream of. I don’t think the movie can sell high, but the after-movie effects would remain for few years if they play it well. The CJ7 is a very potential merchandise. Almost every CJ7 scene I heard the boys and girls scream and laugh. I am sure anybody girl friend do love it too. Awaiting more CJ7 products such as doll, video game, comic, animation, theme park… It can be the challenger to Hello Kitty, certainly. Do you knows the Lord of The Ring merchandise sell more than the movie collections?

At night TV3 shown the 1998 Armageddons, which I have missed to watch it many times! Overall not a bad movie, just the Michael Bay’s science more look likes comic fiction. Too many unpredictables while the crew landed on the meteor in order to blow it up. This has make the story become boring and wonder how can NASA made so much mistakes for humanity rescue?? But that’s Michael from 10 years ago. He didn’t repeat his mistake in Transformer, you can tell that.


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