A Series of Unfortunate

Sunday horoscope said I’m on bad luck through out the week. It’s is very worse described, from my health till my owning.
Then, the devil visit me on Wednesday. One by one till today. I rather hide at home and not going out although I am on duty leave.

1. No rebate for my summons (caused by the fucking police entrapment during CNY) Baring teeth
2. My car bumper was hit and cracked (it was too dark while I was reversing) Disappointed
3. My camera flash malfunction (after using a cheap imitation adapter) Sad
4. My hand was itchy and while I am scratching more Sick

Earl said: Do bad things and bad things happen. Do good things and good things happen.All this are karma from my bads. I shouldn’t speedy and need more patience when following stupid cars on kampung road. I should always use the side mirror and not to rely 100% on reverse sensor. Don’t be so confidence and human is prone to mistake. Save more money and invest in good camera equipments. Go and apply lotion on my hand now and stop typing this boring paragraph! Wilted rose


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