Recap of H@pp3ning March 2008

March 2008 is a exciting month. I was so call ‘busy’ and no time to blog. Now let’s recap what happen in this month…

1. AMC Gathering
Having a good hobby is great. Having a group of people with same hobby even great. I was joined my first gathering with Sony Alpha user. The venue was at Starbucks Pavillion. This latest KL trademark has a very grand main entrance. It’s look like a fashion walk bridge. Of course Pavillion KL is the flagship fashion mall. The fun part of this gathering is able to test and trial many lenses. Some so expensive up to RM7,000. But the there is always a reason to own it – professionalism. These high quality lenses can take breath stopping photo. For those who are not afford to buy it, there is always a well say behind “The photographer skill is more important than the pricey equipment”.

From AMC gatherig …

Me and the Zeiss 135 1.8.

2. General Election
What a surprise Penang , Perak, Selangor, Perlis, and Kelantan all felt to opposition hand. There are many underground news prior the GE and rakyat has vote for change. This is the first time in our history with such composition, no one can conclude about good or bad, time will tell.

3. Aja’s Wedding and Honda F1 exhibition
A morning call from Thana invite me to Aja’s wedding. It’s was unplanned and luckily I am available in the morning. The wedding is simple, but best wishes from friends and families fill up the house. I have taken few shots using my old school flash light. It is old tech but not disappointed me. Check out the album to find out more.

From Aja’s Wedding

After the wedding lunch break, I rush to Sunway Lagoon for model shooting. There is only one F1 car, two video game simulators and piece of V10 engine. Lucky thing is there are 4 models, woohoo! The photo club was there to do outing as well. Shutter clicks.. clickss.. clickss…. The tricky lighting setup in exhibition booth fool the photo colour accuracy. There are few great shots from me and I was very enjoy.

From Honda F1 Raci…

Me look like secret agent

4. BMW F1 Live Telecast
This is a exclusive invitation for whom signed up the contest. I assume BMW must has spent half million ringgit to setup this event. The outdoor temporary lounge is great with good food and air-conditioned. No hot chicks and BMW families are the host. We was served with many finger foods and drinks. First time experience VIP class of F1 telecast. It’s way better than SIC which is far from town, hot and jam pack.

From BMW F1 telecast

5. Yeah! I got laptop.
This baby is from auction. I bid for fun and never expect to win it. It is a hot notebook which feature Pentium 4 processor, not Pentium-m nor core duo. Hot air is ventilate all time. I like the design which is light and slim. The battery last about 100 minutes because P4 is power drainer.

6. Surf with U
This mobile broadband is the latest 3G broadband in town. Back by celcom 3G network, it only available in major Klang Valley hot spot. After 8 days trial without detecting any signal in Sungai Buloh and Nilai, I have returned it to U. The modem cost RM799 by ZTE. It is smaller than Hua Wei E220 and featured dark chocolate bar look, nice!

7. Minolta 28-75 F2.8
I saw this lens from a HK user groups. It was ranked top 10 of Minolta lenses rated by Dyxum users. I am so itchy to own it since Carl Zeiss 1680 is price at RM2500. I still waiting the delivery while writing this paragraph. The telegraphic transfer to seller was happen to be HKD200 shortage. Next week I am going to bank to question this. This bad experience has answered my question about the popularity of PayPal.
Minolta AF 28-75 F2.8 D 2696-810

8. Motorbike
My brother is working at Kelana Jaya and need a transport. At BolehLand public transport is the worst thing and that’s why all Malaysian like to drive. Unpunctual schedule, terrible route, inconvenience waiting stop, lousy interconnection between destination, crazy fare… (the list can go on) He got a Honda Wave 100 today. It is a used bike with 80km mileage done by previous owner in 3 months. What???? 80km in 30 months?? Yep. No typo here. The lady ex-owner don’t know how to kick-start the bike, so it was left static until trade in. It is very bargain to get this at RM3200, it almost like NEW!!! I ride it from BB to home. The bike pick up is almost same par as my Wave125. It has smaller body which lead to easy cornering. My bike is RM1000 expensive than Wave100 but doesn’t translate the performance accordingly.

9. A confession
Im very keen in leaning new thing n teach ppl how 2 do itnicely. Itz pain whn failure n error happen in learning curve. Doing my best to guide ppl away from d hard path. End up ppl bcom lazy or make used of mine. My bros no 1 is better n oways run in same circle. Im helping thm jump out. Just lijke 6yrs ago i guided u. But my failure transfom u 2 a wide accept person. U try to restrict my resource. Im fair 2 avone. Bros oredi 20+ yrs with me n i didnt guide thm in early age. Now is d time. Pls dun calculate tis bcos itz a process. Know d best u hv gain frm me n live on. f im wrong. Itz another mistake in my learning life.

10. AT&T Williams F1 Team
Nico Rosberg and Takashima visited to AirAsia LCCT office. I was intended to win hill stand ticket in lucky draw. Thus the poor lucky draw fate still with me. I never win when come to lucky draw. The luckiest thing could be the two F1 drivers signed baseball cap.

From William F1 Team at LCCT


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