tin mining

I found this tin mining ship at Dengkil, next to ELIT expressway. It was so majestic till now since I seen it two years ago. However it was kinda hidden and not easy to discover. Google Earth guided me to this treasure. I was grown up in tin mining town, Batang Berjuntai. At age 11 I’ve been to mine with good friend – Kah Keat. I remember we cycled 8km to visit friend at Berjuntai Bestari. The road was covered by white sand and stone. Adult always tell us that mining area is dangerous and don’t go for swim cause it will drown you. The statement has made the mining area myterious to me. The ship like a floating castle. I wonder what people do with the ship and how it operate.
This Dengkil Ship is not abandoned. There is a Indian living with his guard dog there. After I taken few shots, the dog was noticed me from far and bark at me. I was scared and left immediately. If there is group of hounds, I may get killed since it a restricted area. Then I met a guy who is visiting this ship guardian and I follow him to take close shot. I have to walk inside because the bad road condition. Being alone and mind alert me to be extra careful. I shot 100m from the ship. The hot sun telling me to go back and try my luck next time to enter the ship.

From kapal korek
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2 thoughts on “tin mining

  1. hello mr lee

    thanx 4 the nice picture. after i observed dengkil area with google earth, i found another kapal korek somewhere near paya indah wetland. do you notice that too? is that kapal korek still there (paya indah)? i hope a reply from u soon

  2. Fans of Datuk Lat will remember his depiction of his once tin-rich village in Perak, where a ‘monster’ also lived in the mining pool, in his classic graphic novel Kampung Boy. The periodically roaring monster actualy was a tin dredge. Many of us are not as lucky as Datuk Lat, who has fond memories of the great times the country’s tin mining industry once had, and will never get to see the monster in action.

    People still thinking that Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge, T.T 5 in Batu Gajah Perak as the last tin dredge in Malaysia. Actually, there are two ‘dead monsters’ still alive in Malaysia. The first one Tanjung Tualang No.5 which has be turn into a museum in 2008 look in safe sound. While, the second one is a ‘missing’ Sri Banting Dredge located at Payah Indah, Dengkil, Selangor. A lot of people thinking the last one in Dengkil is Petaling No.9 but in actual No.9 has been sold and shipped to undisclosed country.

    Based on the info from the company who taking care of this ‘monster’, the dredge is available for sale. It is a sad story if we start lost one of the important country heritage. It always happen to us…what’s most unfortunate is how quick we are distance ourselves from the tin industry legacy.

    Built in 1974 with weight of 4,800 tones and sitting on 86 meter pontoon it can dig into 30 meter depth.

    SAVE THE LAST ‘JUDGE’ DREDGE. Let release this missing ‘monster’ alive and never mind if it is a dead monster.

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