Voting and Winning

Let’s do philosophy talk today. The life is a competition. The nature of animal and plant is to compete to survive. Human is the most competitive who can win the world and destroy other challenger. The high level of competitive makes us love competition. From Gladiator time till Olympic, it prove man like to watch competition. The competition rule is to win. Losing means you are not a good competitor.

The competitiveness can be measured. Which is the highest tree in compete for sun light? Which predator gets most meat? Which sprinter is fastest? It’s very understandable because there is a general guide. How about a contest can’t be measure? Yes, we can have juries and judges. They represent the guidelines. The average score from them are the guide. The winner is to get the highest average marks. Pretty simple rule of competition is.

In current era, competition can be measure by popularity. How? Look at American Idol, is the winner most talent and have the best vocals among others? Definitely not everyone will agree. Why not? Because the result is based on audience votes. Why audience votes are not fair? We can’t say it is unfair, the number one position is decided by people, it’s democracy, it’s freedom, or it’s human rights (or something cavemen not understand). The votes might come from a person who just like the candidate and not bother how talented candidate is. It’s Idolism, it’s fanboyism. There is no guideline in this matter. You like it, you vote it. You dislike, don’t vote it. The question is: Since there is a vote for like, where is the vote for dislike? They might be 100 examiner, 40% like A; 20% like B; 25% hate A; 5% hate B and 10% hate both and quit voting. Do some maths,

A Score : 40 (like) / 15 (hate) = 2.6

B Score : 20 (like) / 5 (hate) = 4

The A got most likes and dislikes same time, but average just 2.6 is the earned score. B behaves to be more acceptable by minority although there are hate votes too. This is just a quick example. When the vote is majority, A will still win. I like this system which is more transparent. The hate votes should be count anytime. When there is no hate vote, all we see is A winning by 40%. Since we have created system for most like, why not most hate and not like anyone?

In reality, audience vote doesn’t mean score or achievement but popularity. Why popularity is so important? Because pop can sell, pop means money. Which company wants a good singer but cannot sell? It’s not to pretend watching American Idol as a fake show. It already tells you by its title, American “Idol”. Sorry for using American as an example, it’s just an example. There are plenty other examples.


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