Big David has more votes

American Idol season 7 finally crowned by David Cook, a rocker. David Archuleta is in second place although he won judges praises by outshining Cook in the final competition. Personally I like lil Dave performance especially his song choice, vocal and emotion. He was very consistent through out whole night and good song choice demonstrates his dynamic vocal range. His singing was so comfort to listen to and remind me Josh Gorban style. Cook in another stage was continuing his rock singing which is audiences favorites. No matter what song he chosen, the crowd will scream and sing a long. He sang ‘The world I know’ didn’t hit climax which I think he could do better. He is so stylish and nice looking, needless to say much majority female votes already been captured.

I had listened to Cook’s album and noticed he is really good in restyle those superhits such as ‘always be my baby’ and ‘billy jean’. He got powerful rock star vocal which will keep your head knocking with his guitar. Lil David is a very potential and very listenable vocal even without music. He is so gifted and definitely second place in this contest just the matter of audience favorites. Many recording company will not hesitate to offer him a contract too.

Who did you voted for?


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