I have prooven I can shoot

Sony Malaysia has organized an outing for Alpha user. Alpha is the brand name of Sony SLR series. Praise to Sony who always practice good customer service and relationship. Although it is strategy to expand its market share, but consumer is benefited in this situation. The outing takes place at Putrajaya and a dedicated tour bus has been arranged. We are divided in to few small groups and lead by professional photographer. It is very good approach in learning photography. The master did enlighten me on the composition matter which is always the harder part. We need creativity for this. Being a digital camera user, the technical part can be left behind and we can always shoot again with better settings. The auto mode gives balance image quality which sometimes look dull and no style. Photographer can further explore the shutter and aperture value for better ‘mood’.

The first stop is Germilang Bridge. The bridge is a modern abstract built. It has variety of expression from different angle view. It is all set by photographer’s creativity. It can be a archery, robot, alien… Then we proceed to PICC before ending with sunset at Dataran Putrajaya. Not to forget the trip includes a dinner at Putrajaya Seafood as well. Each participant chosen their best five shots to be concluded by master Kim Teoh.

Most of the shots are similar from participant. May be all were shot at the same spot. Kim Teoh didn’t comment much on my photos, no praise from him as well. Some participant really delivered wow factor in their shots. Life is full of surprise. When they announce 2nd runner up for the day, my shots are on the big screen. I was stunt since I don’t think I have the best shots but my photos are kind balance in quality. That could be the reason I stand out. Be in 3rd place I get a remote shutter cable which is useful in night shot especially stars trails. It’s is a fruitful day and really cheers me up since the previous contest result was controversial. I have proven that I can shoot! The next challenge is Zoo Outing on next weekend. See you then and wish me luck.


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