AirAsia 50 millionth guest

AirAsia welcome the 50 millionth guest this evening, Ms Wendy. Being such a young fleet and carry over 50 million guest shown how potential the LCC (low cost carrier) market is. Once again I brought my camera to shoot around. Most probably you know LCCT is illuminates by natural light, so the environment is not very camera friendly and using flash light is only solution. There is no ceiling to do bounce flash effect thus I attached a A4 paper on top of my flash light. I am the only one who using this on field. Elroy laugh at me saying tonight TV news might show that ugly flash setup.

Tony reached early and welcoming Wendy with few other VIPs. Minister of Tourism Dato Azalina was arrived later. The bagpipe band escorting VIPs with their tunes. Tony gave a simple speech and emphasis more routes to be introduced soon. Dato Azalina continues with her support to place AirAsia at Subang Airport. Although it’s not a officially statement, but shown that it’s a win-win situation to reopen the old airport. Then the ceremony come to closing by photograph Wendy and AirAsia Cabin Crew which in famous red uniform.

Another surprise was seeing a staff with Sony A100 too. Too busy shooting and we didn’t manage to discuss much. He is using twin kit lens but the event lighting sure giving him a tough time.

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