Visit Super GT – Round 4 – Sepang

Racing circuit probably the place man find their dreams come true: paddock girls, super cars, thrilling engine sounds and extreme high speed. Not to forget the race day usually happen under hot sun and bring the flash point higher.

I bought the Super GT ticket two months ago with early bird price (that’s about RM75). This is super bargain price that irresistible for such a good organize motor sports event. It was so promising that I am going to attend it again and again. The discipline and motivation demonstrate by drivers and GT queens really worth to pay visit. No matter the team is on top or bottom chart, their spirit is high and the GT queens never doubt their driver ability. They always feedback you with a nice pose and smile.

There are few special facts about Super GT. One of it would be big cars and small cars race together. Big cars are GT500 category with 500 horse power. Small cars are GT300 category with 300 horse power. GT500 will run ahead of GT300 and after a while it would catch up the GT300 cars from behind and lot of overtaking happen. In a full race GT500 usually can lead the GT300 5 laps ahead. This formation already tells how interesting and entertaining the competition will be.

To further improve the competency, handicap penalty is imposed to race winner. Extra weight will be carry by the previous winning car and losing cars get weight deduction same time. This is to ensure the race would not monopoly by one team, the more you win the more weight need to be carried. The chart leader is carrying 93kg extra weight to race at Sepang.

All GT cars are painted with bright colorful scheme to attract your eye ball. The colour mix-match are creative and extraordinary just like how Japanese usually do in sci-fi manga. The GT500 is using white HID lamps and GT300 in yellow lamps.

Malaysia is so lucky to be the only Super GT race hosted outside Japan. I not dare to say the event will improve our motor sports achievement, but definitely Japanese branded cars get free advertising. Nissan, Honda and Toyota can easily outrun the Ferrari and Lamborghini. I do not know what model those European cars participate. The Japs really push their machine to sky high limit that not anybody dare to contempt.

The race is hosted in Sepang Malaysia, however it’s like a replication of Suzuka Japan. The way they run the race, those colourful banners, race queens, driver passion, mechanic professionalism and of course — they speak Japan totally. Super GT Sepang is the only place you can feel little Japan for a while.

Two side activities for Super GT are pit walk and safari ride. The pit walk is where man find their sexy and sweet dream girl. Those race babes are call GT queens because all man willing to bow for them. Imagine thousand of guys go in just for photography and signature. They might have more fans than any celebrity. Safari ride is where a bus carries audience run on race track and same time GT cars pass by it. It’s really open my eye and ear how this Jap race machine go. Since there are GT500 and GT300 two categories, the qualifying is not to be missed. You pay one ticket and can enjoy seeing so many cars and pretty girls, tell me the reason not to do it.


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