Open my eye with Super GT

The dedication and discipline of Japanese are way to success. I would really like to bow to them as showing my respect. I got the pit-walk session start at 12:40pm, the organizer put up a sign board to count down for last ten minutes. Although they are hundreds of people cramped behind the gate like refugees, the organizer just said NO. When time is up all visitors rush into the pit. All GT queens were surrounded by photographers and it was getting out of control. The team officer do their best make everyone happy. The Japanese photographer even gave way to us. The GT queens return smiles and pose for every camera, no matter it’s professional SLR or mobile phone.
The pit-walk was ended up sharply and give way to the next activity to avoid delay.

Let’s turn to the race track. After each practice session, all cars will return to pit sharply and off their engine immediately. The whole circuit suddenly quiet and mechanics follow up with their task quickly. This is how a performance based and discipline oriented work. I very like the way they start too. They will push their car out of pit, once time is up all will fire engine same time. VROOOOOOMMM… game on.

Of course there is some sad story to tell. On the race day where by Japan national anthem is on air, some audience not even pay attention to stand up. Then, Malaysia national anthem sequel and all Japanese racer, GT queen and staff stop immediately and stand firm until anthem end. Needless to say much on this issue. I always doubt why Japan hosted Super GT race at Malaysia? From the ticket selling and audience respond I am not confidence there is big profit compare with F1. They are boss of the event, but they treat us like guest (in fact we are the host).


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