Dog Olympics

Dog is human best friend. I have attended the sports day of our best friends — Dog Olympics held at One Utama Central Park. The sky was cloudy since early morning. Although there was brief rain in the middle of the event, but the sunny come back just in time. I set my camera white balance based on white paper. It’s gave good reading and colour are very accurate.

The police force K9 special appearance earned the respect. They are like army with high discipline. Jump over fire ring without second thoughts and bite the bad guy with full strength.

Our friends are happy socialize all the time. The funny moment was all same breeds play together just like old schoolmate gathering. Not that all, the small puppy greet their big dog brother too. Of course they share their best moment with us. You can hug and take photo of any dog in the field. I doubt to find any place like this beside haven. It is so harmonize and everyone feature smiles on their face.

Human best friend not just as accompany, it help our work too.


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