My α Journey: Sony AMC Malacca Outing

Sony AMC and Photo Creator have brought the second outing to Malacca. Merchandise of this outing is ‘Very Smart Alpha Black Vest’. Finally Alpha Shooter got their shield and it’s black colour, which is rare and can easily spot on by people. This outing is more organized compare the first one. Participants were brief about the shooting technique during the journey. While everybody enjoy the DVD movie on bus, I zzzzzzz.

It was a cloudy day in Malacca. The sunshine has gone so the chicken rice ball sold out too. Without good feast and my photoshoots is degraded to amatuer level (lousy reason). We were served with Nyonya dishes for dinner and enjoying the best shots slide show. Upon reach KL again it was 2330.

The famous Red House.

Heritage building and bicycles.

Broken roof and sunlight. The house was abandoned.
In front of Rudy Hotel.

Shimmering from old window.

Reflexology centre. I like the feet picture and sandals.

View from bottom of St. Paul Church ruins .

This angle is nice but I unable to cover the full church building. Need a wider lens 🙂

Cloudy day, moody cat.


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