PC Fair 2008 (II)

The PC Fair is the biggest cash and carry IT expo in Malaysia. Many company like to push their products directly to consumer via this event. Hosted three times a year proven its popularity and acceptability. The name PC fair remain the same but more and more IT products were introduce in the fair. We have broadband package, mobile phone, digital camera and event credit card applications. Would money loaner join this event next year?

To me the fair basically a big sale market. There is lack of education approach on explaining technology wave changes. The salesmen will offer you Centrino 2 with freebies and no one further explain why we migrate to new platform? Just because the speed and I have to pay more? Or because the freebies make it a good deal? Malaysian need more knowledge, not just sales!!! Please invite some experts to give a forum and such. I prefer how MATTA educate the traveller. Since we can draw huge traffic to PC fair, why not a free seminar same time?


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