Proton open day and factory visit

PROTON or Perusahaan Otomobil Negara is our first national car company. Since Proton Saga launched in 1985, Proton undergoing ups and downs over 20 years. The broke off with their technical partner, Mitsubishi was sent them into a evolution. The first Malaysian designed car is Waja. The short partnership with Renault was not promising. Savvy is the last French-Malaysia breed. The born of Gen.2 which symbolize Generation Two of Proton’s milestone. Then later Satria Neo start to recapture Malaysian attention again but coupe never a local favorite. Proton losing its long reign market lead to Perodua, which Myvi is contemporary all time best seller. The failure in looking new partner didn’t kill the Malaysian Tiger. The launch of Persona and New Saga successfully drive in cash and praises. They have found the formula again.

On 3rd August, Proton open its Shah Alam factory to public visit. The tour is well organized and very informative. Although the car manufacturing plant doesn’t look hi-tech, but it still new to public and interesting. Wish all the best for Proton to revive its brand in International and improvement in quality control aspect. Proton car power windows problems has become the ugly trademark for years.


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