Sony AMC August Seminar

The excitement of waiting finally end. The Sony AMC August seminar was held today at Le Meridian Hotel. As usual, it’s FREE for Sony Alpha user!! The event was posted at forum for pre-registration and all seats were reserved in just 3 days! What man! The funny thing is, no one knows the seminar details until last minute πŸ™‚

As sneak preview by George, the Sony AMC person in charge (actually he is the product manager), there will be few important announcements during the seminar. All rumors and speculation link up with A900 full frame SLR launching or F58 flashgun release date. Hahaha.. It didn’t happen here but what actual announced will benefit AMC most.

Let’s see…

1. Every seminar participant will get a Alpha Survival Kit (retail price RM599) for FREE!!! Although it just some merchandises and accessories like bag, t-shirt, watch and etc. It show how sincere Sony to keep the user happy.

2. Aphanatics forum would be our new home and is converting to knowledge database. This is a good move to open the forum to more user and expand our territory and poisons πŸ™‚ Same time new moderators were introduced to all. They are all AMC forum pioneers by the way. 100% support.

3. Sony will sponsor RM1000 monthly to Alphanatics as club fund. The best thing is we can snow ball it and decide what to do with the fund. Can I suggest to buy a white lens and loan to member??? (in my dream) Truly can’t find anything like this in today world. This is not a hoax. Believe it.

4. The biggest surprise is – Malaysia will be the host of world 1st ever Alpha Convention!!!! And it happen in October!!! World class speakers are coming down to give free talk for 3 days!!! Who is reading this please go out and grab your alpha SLR now πŸ™‚

I feel very energetic with the Sony AMC effort in expanding its market share and same time practicing good consumer service. The user is final winner. Although I am just a ordinary customer, but feel like doing MLM and want to recruit more member to join us πŸ™‚ Not to forget today seminar speaker were Ted Adnan and Darren Chang. Both are very experience in portraiture and automotive photography respectively. The talk covered basic to intermediate skill level, now everyone can shoot.


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