Tyre balancing and alignment

I always wondering what is tyre balancing and alignment. Then today happen to send my Savvy to tyre service shop for tuning. They dismantle my wheels and keep it roll on a machine. The computer will calculate how much variants and weight to add on. The mechanic stick the weight bar compensate the readings. Each weight bar is 5g. Wondering how the unbalanced wheel would affect the driving safety.

After balancing, they drive my car to a platform and lock up my front wheel. Then they select the computer reading for my car, but Savvy is not in the list (outdated program). We decide for the nearest match which is Renault Clio K4F. Then they based on the reading and adjust the front wheel to be in standard setting.

I feel smooth cornering after the fine tuning. Total cost me RM36. What a good business.

Spin the wheel to get the unbalance weight reading.

The weight bar.

Stick the weight bar on wheel.

The wheel lock for alignment measurement.
Computer showing unbalance alignment (2.2 and -1.9)


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