Ashraf’s wedding

This is the second time I shoot a wedding. The earlier one I am not well prepared. After some exposure and study over few months, I have some ideas how to do it. Ashraf’s wedding is my training ground this time. I arrived earlier to inspect the hall and had my lunch. The hall is not small but difficult to find a interesting shot and exclude unnecessaries. I walk around the hall to find angle and good composition. I need to be fast otherwise the good moments are gone forever. It’s pretty special experiment and I am catching up.
Somethings I learned;

1. metering the person with dark skin tone in group photo to balance the exposure.
2. be earlier to the event to look for interesting shooting spot/compositions.
3. guide the subject to look at your camera.
4. be cery anticipation especially the people that come close to bride/bridegroom. make sure run to a good spot to shot their face espression.
5. use good quality battry for fast flash recharge. save the flash for important shot.
6. try some tele photos. it might be difficult but very outstanding viewpoint.
7. be prepared. it’s a tiring task but fun. eat and sleep good before start.


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