maxis center experience


It was very unlucky when the mobile reload PIN purchased from maybank2u invalid to activate. The hotlink call center request me to pay a visit to maxis center to resolve the issue. It’s just about RM30 worth of credits, I have no choice to drop by at KLCC branch. I expect the HQ would have good efficiency and service quality. After taken a queue, I sit down to wait for my turn. Not so bad as average, but I see more customer are waiting and no place to sit. This is Saturday and it look crowded. I wonder why issue can resolve by call center and so many are willing to walk in.

I am frustrated when the crowd increased. Looking at each service counter, some are two to three person serving a customer. Not confidence? The technical and hardware counter people is in tension. So difficult? So counter have customer and officer happily discussing. Good service?

After 20 minutes it’s my turn. And I still seeing same customer occupying other counters. I just to be little lucky. I told him my PIN failed to reload. He check the serial number in system to confirm the PIN is unused. He ask me for the PIN. I told him call center operator only ask me to bring the serial number, not the PIN. He replied that can’t help without the PIN. I call friend to retrieve it from maybank2u log.

The operator not believe me that the PIN is invalid, he insist want to try it. OK, I surrender. One… two.. three times..

“Sorry sir, we can’t do it, it’s not valid” (ain’t I told you earlier). He ask me to give the proof of purchase.

“It’s from maybank2u, I only have the transaction log” I log at his terminal and get it printed. Then he called his supervisor.

I wish a smart guy will take over the situation. He try the PIN again. Of course it was failed too.

“You give us 10 minutes, we reload it in short”

“Why 10 minutes? What if it not happen to reload?”

“You check your balance again. It has done” I saw him override the system and load the credit in without using the PIN.

Why they not trust the customer? They make the easy thing complicated. Why just verify my serial and help me reload if it’s valid and genuine? The PIN serve no purpose to anyone else.

When I leave the same customer still sitting there. I just a little lucky.

“Why my PIN failed?”

“We have millions of user, it would happen once in a while” (rubbish answer)
Loud marketing, lousy service – Maxis

if u can't solve problem over the phone, customer would pressure n show frustration at front counter. how well the online service agent is trained?
if u can’t solve the problem over the phone, customer will show frustration at front desk. how well the online service agent is trained?
there are many devices in market, it's not possible to have all staff train to operate each devices. but i expect to see more hardware support officers.
there are many devices in market, you can’t train all technician on every single model. i expect more hardware support counters.
two officer try to calm down the blackberry user. i have seen him before and after my turn.

two officers try to calm down the blackberry user. i have seen him before and after my turn.


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