Sloggi Humanity Art Beach Party!!

Sloggy the inner wear beach party… what you think of? The previous sweet seventeen beach party at Sunway Lagoon was caused chaos and overloaded with people. The crowd attack the security guards who refuse their entrance and many motorcycles were burned to ruins. It’s all of over distribute free entry pass.

This time I am expecting some nice photography opportunity. The body art session was held in the first hour. Few models were having colour painting on their body. It just a short session and loaded with photographers. After painting complete they all gone. I have only taken few shots only? Where they have gone? Ain’t the event tag line saying “humanity body art”??

Then many people start queue for game to win goodies. The youngster keep cutting Q and I think I am too old for this. That will be a celebrity concert at night but I got no mood to stay on. Not an interesting day for me.

Not forget this event is co-organized by Malaysia Nature Society. But I see more people go for goodies games than listen what earth conservation is all about. Sorry it is just wrong partnership my little Tapir.


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