Honda Malaysia Racing Team Party

It is very surprise that I win Honda contest again. This time it’s to define what is the Honda logo represent. If I remember correctly, I choose “Believe” to describe the Honda in pursuit their dreams. The winning package not luxury as the SuperGT contest but can have chance to join HRMT drivers in party. The party use to support all six HMRT drivers in MME weekend race.

Day not always clear. Although I have plan good to attend the party at Borneo Baruk Cafe, it was downpours since afternoon. I am on motobike because I don’t want to stuck in bad jam. I change to Honda sponsored shirt at venue. The party will be more lively if no rain, at least can have photo with Honda girls in front the Civic Type R πŸ™‚

The Honda receptionist mistaken serve me as media (my camera still in the backpack, not camera bag). I wonder would it be someday I am full time and happily shooting photo as professional. Then I registered as visitor to claim the autographed poster.

The host – Marion, introduce the crew behind HMRT. Most of them are age between 26 and 30, very young to me. They are not just engineer or mechanics, but included the hospitality ladies as well. Very good effort in valuation their staff.

The Japanese bosses were here too. The security said no photography at VIP lounge area πŸ™‚ I use the 50mm 1.7 lens most of the time and it did a good job in low light condition. However the camera battery not last me long since it wasn’t full charged. There is a lucky draw contest. As usual I get nothing at lucky draw, again.

All the best to the HMRT in MME! They are defending last year champion title.


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