Malaysia is 50+1

I started my Flickr page last year, after I own the SLR. Taking photos is joy and sharing photos is double joys. I only load the best shot to Flickr because I am shame to show another 99% lousy photos. I like to receive comments but will hard feeling when comments are bad. This is just my personal mentality. I only like the good things happen for me and for my hard effort. Forum and blog not only impact global lifestyle but people philosophy as well. I am become more open for critics and not just showing my beautiful side.

This guy, QuaChee drop by my Flickr and say want to use my photos in a Malaysia book. I was wondering why he not do it for national golden anniversary? But now the book name 50+1.malaysia sounds cute and nicer. It just show that we are 1 year advance from the golden age, especially 2008 we see big changes in political. (everyone know it, like it and hate it same time)

QuaChee has picked the Alex Yoong A1GP photo from my album to feature in Festival&Events section.
When I firstly receive his thank you gift – a copy of 50+1.malaysia book, immediate I browse to look for my photo. I show my girl friend and share my happiness. I never tell anyone about this because uncertainty editorial might drop my photo. I want to wait and see it in front my eye on my hand.


About this book, it’s only a pocket size but feature all Malaysia facts and info. Our place, food, celebrations, lifestyle… It’s like a wikipedia in pocket. I can tell it’s better than any other book you can find in book store. This is a gift from Malaysian to world. It’s all written by Malaysia and even the photos are mostly collected around the country. Kudos to QuaChee who lead the project. I assure all participants and readers are proud of the birth of 50+1.malaysia. It would be the best gift for who want to find out about Malaysia. We are not living on tree anymore, we are 50+1 now!



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