Merdeka Millenium Endurance – MME 2008

It’s rainy days prior merdeka clebration. The annual and most prestige endurance race – MME is held at Sepang International Circuit again. Although I use to pass by the SIC on my daily route to office, I still interest to watch the race (but not the whole race which last 12 hours!).

I decided to be there at 5pm, the weather would be just nice. Few shots in my mind: a dawn circuit, race cars across in the dark circuit, long exposure of fast car, and may be some model shooting like Super GT 🙂

This is the situation really challenge my skill, or I should say it’s a good practice ground. I have tried all techniques and knowledge I got. Majority of the photos didn’t work for me. I was too excited to shoot car, thus most of the shots are using same composition technique. My bad… I should explore some new composition at least got some fresh air in my album. I think I have visited 10 times to SIC. OK, I will deliver something new at motoGP by November. Before that a 300mm lens is a need 🙂

More on race results


6 thoughts on “Merdeka Millenium Endurance – MME 2008

  1. Thanks. It’s a very good day and the race is interesting than what I have expected. The next race I aim is motoGP. My favorite.

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