DBKL Library service quality

I have been visited library since 5 years ago. A very old statistic shown each Malaysian only read two pages of book in single year. I hope this fact is not truth and we are better than that. I move from National Library to DBKL Library because of the book variety and new books availability.

DBKL introduce free membership since 2006 to encourage more visitor. The free account allow us to borrow 3 books. It a good move but same time library service quality is tend to improve. It is getting worst from day to day.

I have few comments on the library service especially the operation hour from 9am – 6pm daily. For working adults it’s too difficult to find time at this period. After work would be good time to do reading, research and self improvement. Sadly the library is only convenience for student and retiree. Moreover, it further shorten operation hours in weekend. What a miss.

The online library system is not reliable and getting worst. That was 3 months whereby the library run by manual like school library. The failure of server system resulted book deposit machine and online renewal unavailable. Not to mention time taken by librarian in searching book return records from paper file. Only one counter is available most of the time.

The enquiry telephone number is either busy or no one pick up. I was called to renew the book before it overdue. Calling more than 10 times in morning, no one answering. I always see two receptionist at the counter and a security officer nearby. Ain’t all three of them missing in action same time? The next working day I manage to call in to renew my book, they told me it’s overdued and cannot be renewed. I understand this but why no one answering the call during operation hour? The answer given by the officer was : “You have to call many times“. What the heck? Now you want to impose me the late penalty because of your service unavailability? Moreover the operation hours make me no chance to visit library. They close in the weekend again. Meaning to say I have to bear two weeks penalty whereby. Do they expect us to take holiday and visit library during weekday?

I remember a college student did a questionaire on how to improve the library. I was happily participate and hope DBKL will take a review. At least they can save time and cost in preparing such library survey. There are many disappointments, still (and getting worst).

The poor library service might be the reason why Malaysian less interest on it. I see more people read for free in mega book store. They rather squad and read it on floor. Our passion to knowledge is there. Let’s bring it, DBKL library.


4 thoughts on “DBKL Library service quality

  1. hi, riki. i found your blog while im browsing for info on the dbkl library. im interested to know more abt the library. would you mind to share?

    * wanted to know how to go to the library if im driving from pj?
    * does the library usually crowded?



  2. Hi Yuen, pls use the sprint highway from PJ. After you reach Bukit Damansara follow the direction to Dataran Merdeka / KL / Pusat Bandar. All the way straight on Jalan Parlimen until you reach a roundabout with flyover ahead. Take the right turn under the flyover and you can find a road to the Kelab Diraja Selangor. Go until end of road is the Library and you can park there. Usually the library is not crowded but you better call to confirm their operation hours during Ramadhan.

    03 2613 3500

    Location map – from google

  3. Yuen,
    It’s not crowded at all.. Bring a pashmina/ cardigan along cuz it’s quite chilly there! If you are not a member, you have to register at counter before you enter. Membership starts from RM 10 and RM 6 processing fee I tink..Cheers!

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