AirAsia booth at Matta Fair, PTWC ( Sept 5-7)

Must visit to get some cheap travel package.. Malaysian loves to travel!

You must go to AirAsia booth because they are selling RM 10 tickets there and you get to spin the “wheel of fortune”!

The goodies are great.. not your-average- caps merchandise or pen or maggi mee.. it’s vouchers for hotel and flights! i love wheel of fortune with no ” sorry next time ” chance or ” bankrupt ” chance. Everyone can be Winner!! due to the fact that the wheels are always spinning, i cant get a nice shot of it.. you need to go there!!

Located at the end of Hall One, its’ near the stage. Go to book your travel package or flights! It’s hot!!

AirAsia has a nice looking booth this time. It located at the end of Hall 2 and surrounded by huge crowd.

Hundreds of people queue for AirAsia flights. Good business.

Go Holiday! Go! Go! Go!


Wheel of Fortune

Cowboy from Gold Coast sing for you

Special acrobatic performance 

Handicraft maker from Chiang Mai

MAS provide kiosk for online booking.


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