Pusing Town, Perak

Stopped by Pusing town while sending my girlfren back hometown at Ipoh. It’s located about 14km from Ipoh town. Sleepy town with one main road. The kueh are yummy and cheap. Three big pieces at just RM 1.10!

I like this wine shop very much. Feel like time machine send me back to 20 years ago.

Most of the shop still maintaining its original look.

This saloon is the first shop I saw when reaching Pusing. I keep telling myself that I must shoot this shop!!


16 thoughts on “Pusing Town, Perak

  1. @QuaChee,

    Agreed that Pusing is very authentic in preserving the historical look.


    Although I am not grown up in Perak, but I feel very comfort with town like Tapah, Bidor, Chenderiang, Kampar….. and latest “hometown” I like is Pusing 🙂

  2. I was born in Ipoh and I live in Batu Gajah, next to Pusing since I was a kid until I was a teenager. I think they have like the cheapest kuih in the world. Looking at these pictures, I can’t wait to get back to my hometown and have a visit to Pusing’s market, where I can buy ‘tim cheong’ and eat with sengkuang.

    1. My last visit the kueh/cha-kor was selling 3 for RM1.10. Still the cheapest I can say and it is very original taste. Hardly found such good food in Klang Valley anymore. And there are few stalls selling it too.

  3. I am now located in UK but had been living in Pusing for 10 years since I was born. I so miss the kuih stalls and all the yummy delicious food for breakfast, break, lunch and tea time. Absolutely the best kuih you could ever get and this is the town where I grew up Pusing!!

  4. This is the place where I born. Really miss it so much though I had been living for only 6 years. I always have a special feeling towards my hometown (=Pusing). The people are friendly n the food is the best I ever taste. I love and miss everything of it!!! Wish to visit to Pusing again.

  5. i,m pusing guy also..i,m now in uk..who like to make new fren then add me lol..uk live so so boring de..long time never back my hometown lo..i so so miss it..who hv abt pusing photo..add me n show to me oh!i reli happi to see this few photo abt pusing..well done guy!
    my msn..cheow@hotmail.co.uk

    1. Hi Pusing fans and people, ‘ngi sit bao mao’ ? (hakka slang: have you eaten?)

      Last week this thread was hit high and thanks for dropping by. Soon I will attend a wedding function in Pusing. I hope can spend more time to snap photos and eat ‘kok kueh’ (hakka slang: kuih, chinese cake)

  6. im fr pusing too…i rely miss my hometown…the chinese kueh,bubur n ofcoz wan tan mee…i love it..whn i saw the photos of pusing i rely fel like wanna go bck home ryte now…im rely proud to stay in pusing…

  7. Hey Riki. Stumbled onto your blog while trying to surf for information re my good ole hometown, Pusing. Kudos to you for capturing the essence of Pusing. I wish the palongs (part of mining tin ore process equipment versus the 21st centure of tin dredging) are still in existence for you to take a few pictures. Alas, these are all gone re new development. Another thing to capture is rubber trees/estate which back in the 19 late 60s and early 70s were still big business in Pusing. Pusing is and always will be my homeland – where I was born (in Batu Gajah General Hospital) and bred. No where in this world can the kuih-muih of Pusing be compared in quality, taste and costs!!! Pretty and utterly unique, awesome and authentic. Klang Valley or Penang completely no fight 🙂 You can call me bias or prejudice. I’ve travelled to quite a lot of different countries in the world and has been living (and still is) in USJ/PJ for the past 26 years, Pusing has its own uniqueness. Bless you for coming up with this and I am glad to see quite a number of responses wherever they are now – be it UK or elsewhere. Cheers, Melinda.

  8. Hay, I read the article about all those Hakka Kueh as well. I m Pahang-yin and would love to have a trip just for all those kueh, since I am a typical Hakka but far away from my own culture.
    Do anybody know where can I stay in Pusing?

  9. im thrilled to see pusing didnt change much all these times because its a small ex mining town with such a unique appearance. Eventhough im from sitiawan,I used to stop at pusing for a drink before going to ipoh. That was some 40yrs back.Im in kulim now. My sincere wishes to you Riki for this wonderful effort. God bless you.

  10. Hi all,
    i need road directions from PLUS Highway exit of Simpang Pulai to Pusing town. I tried goggle but unaable to pinpoint the Pusing Sikh Temple. I you can help me because i have to give directions to my friends who will be attending a wedding at the Sikh temple. If you have Pusing Town Long lat that will be great too.


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