AirAsia 51,000 Free Seats to Singapore

AirAsia free seats promotion is nothing new to us because other airlines are capable to do zero fare campaign as well. Then how about free seats plus fuel surcharge waiver? Only pay airport tax and admin fee. This is not gimmick with string attached. It’s real and I can’t believe when receive the email alert in morning. Quickly rang up my Singapore pal to check it out. Finally he got the round trip flight with just RM120 (S$52). He claimed cheaper than take bus 🙂

AirAsia Singapore Free Seats

Many customer not believe so and our hotline is busy whole day. At this very moment, everyone is still talking fuel hikes although the peak USD150 per barrel has gone down more than 30%. AirAsia’s Singapore Free Seats is just like hitch hike that need not to think twice. You still reading this paragraph? Promotion end on 3rd Oct. Fuel and fare waived!!! 6 Daily flights!!


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