Renault Clio RS Launch

Having oppurtunity to shoot the soon-to-launch sports car, Renault Clio RS. I use the term sport car because it was price at RM210k. It is the target killer for Golf GTi and Mini. The shots took place at Autodetailer’s garage where Darren from Alphanatics is our instructor. He is nice guy and try his very best to share with us how to shoot automobile. He said every car has its language, try talk to it before you start. Yeah man! That’s how a car enthusiast talk πŸ™‚

This chili red hot Clio was just after perfect detailing jobs. That’s my hobby while ago before I pick up the camera. I might hold a dual-action polisher now and blog about car wax. I find this hot hatch is pretty similar to my car – Proton Savvy. Savvy is using the 1.2 liter engine which also belongs to Clio series. It has little European sleek style outlook, however Proton unsuccessful to market it well at England. Recently a YouTube amaze me that 1.2 liter engine can do 0-60km/h in 1 second :0 The trick is: Hold your second gear and rev the engine to 3000 rpm, let go the clutch and it will fly. Any taker here?

The Clio RS is featured with Renault F1 technologies such as air extractor, diffuser, brake cooler and few others. A 200 horse power stock compact car, it would be very fun to drive race it. Not forget to mention Clio’s big brother Megane is in garage as well. I like its fierce black colour look. Price at RM230K with 230hp from 2.0 Turbo engine :0

Perfect shine from Autodetailer.

This car is hot

Oohh! The Megane is in da house!!!

Gentleman Darren Chang not hesitate to let us shoot car interior with his flash gun in rain.

This is the interior look. Use silhouette to highlight the balck leather.

Finally some perfect digital touch up in computer.


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