Open House Hari Raya 2008

Hari Raya greetings!! Today we went to Mister Nazar’s rumah terbuka at Jln Kuching with Ben. Thanks for driving! His family dressed up in maroon matching baju melayu and baju kurung. Nice! His family are friendly and we wished they will definitely celebrate their next Raya at their hometown in Kuching! His papa misses Kuching so much!

The kueh raya spread was wonderful.. so many choices of Sarawak Layer Cake ( kek lapis) yum! The colors and pattern are so attractive and artsy. Must be very expensive..and it is.. RM 90 for one bar! It’s tasty and flavorful. Nickee was very amazed with the seaweed chips made by Nazar’s mom. She says she gonna fry some herself for CNY.

His mom prepared loadsa dishes, Sarawak laksa, Rendang ayam, Daging Kicap and Ayam Masak Merah to eat with lemang. Drinking Coke. My first time eating Sarawak Laksa…… We went to Pak Lah open house at PWTC too..

Daging masak kicap

Colorful Sarawak layer cake

Cute pineapple tarts..I’ve never seen them like this..

LakSA Sarawak! Yum

Ayam masak merah.. Ben said this is the best dish

Ayam rendang


Rendang daging


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