My α Journey: Why I Choose Sony Alpha?

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I’m in love in photography since young. My family film camera is my first. When I started working, I bought my first digital camera, a superzoom prosumer. When I realized the picture quality doesn’t satisfy me, I knew that I need a DSLR. When Sony first launched its Alpha 100, I was amazed by it’s super steady shot pictures and 10 Megapixel sensor. However the price factor denied me for an upgrade. Interestingly enough on Nov 2007, there was an offer and I bought it immediately. The Minolta lens that was stored in my cupboard is back to it’s glorious days. To me the A100 is not a entry level because it feature the professional features as well. Let me do some counts…

  1. 10 megapixels, I can enlarge my photo or crop easily without losing details.
  2. Super steady shot, reduce the hand shake problem especially when SLR is heavier than compact camera. The cool factor is: SSS works on all lens.
  3. D-Range Optimizer (DRO), give the picture colour more punch.
  4. Kelvin WB adjusment, some special colour effects can be done immediately.
  5. Built-in wireless flash support, this is really plug-n-play device without glitch.
  6. Creative style settings, it sounds fancy but work very well for me.
  7. Kit lens 17-80mm, the best focal range for entry level DSLR
  8. ISO Hi200 and Lo80, really never expected this from an entry level.. wow..
  9. Battery for 750 shots on TIPA standards, I need not carry spare battery for day trip
  10. 18 months warranty, this is manufacturer’s confidence on product quality

And the best part is, Sony AMC free membership!! The return I gain from AMC is much more worth while than what I had pay for the camera itself. The moment of attending free workshops and meeting friendly members all over Malaysia, allow me to borrow a credit card’s tag line : It’s Priceless.

Any features above will always and already been replaced by newer DSLR but GREAT consumer services is still remain. Sony is new in SLR business but they had sold me a photography journey.

Recently I shot this from Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi.

Fashion photography is challenging and fun.

Sony Alpha revive the legacy of Minolta lens.

My bunny is one of my favorite photography subject.

Sepang F1 Circuit – place for me to do panning shot.

I carry A100 everywhere to make sure I capture the story I like.

The happy moments always happen in front my lens.


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