My α Journey: Story of AMC and Alpahatics (so far)

This is a sticky post.

Learning is fun, especially hobby. Since I become part of Alpha community, there are so many outings. There are unofficial outings or TT (Teh Tarik) and official Sony workshop. The become the homepage for my browser and keep refreshing every hour to make sure nothing is missed. This behavior was developed all because of the outings seat being fill up too fast. Even the TT sessions also can easily hook up 20 person within few hours posted in forum. I yet experience such welcome and enthusiasms in other online community. The AMC and Alphanatics people are camera crazy! 🙂

Couching Tiger and Hidden Dragon AMC members

Late night outing

Sony Alpha booth at Mid Valley during A200 Launching.

Sony Alpha lenses (or poison glasses) 🙂

My portrait at Sony Alpha A200 launching event.

Popular Minolta lense – 70-210mm F4 aka “beercan”. Happen to be every member has one in their bag and become discussion topic during gathering.


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