My α Journey: The making of Photographer

I learn photography from books and Internet. However none can compare learning from Alphanatics. During Sony Alpha outings, the moment I appreciate most is the picture review session at the end of the day. Everyone will have their best shots presented to judges and receive feedback and positive criticize from them. It’s like a reality TV show but it does make us a better photographer. Although all of us using the same camera brand, but each photographer has different story of every subject and scenary. To shoot good photo is not just technical control of shutter speed and aperture, but thoughts and values embed in the picture. The cognitive process between photographer and camera can break the rule of third and sunny 16 rule. We are not only learning to snap photo, same time we are being train to evaluate and appreciate good photos. That is part of a photographer journey.

This is one of the earliest shot I have taken using A100.

Alex Yoong in A1GP 2007 at Sepang. This shot is published in Malaysia:50+1.

Aircraft landing at KLIA. A memorable shot that won in Earth Day contest run by my company.

Putrajaya series taken during Sony AMC outing. Overall third prize winner.


2 thoughts on “My α Journey: The making of Photographer

  1. dear bro…

    its beautifil photos….
    could you teach (explain to me please)
    what is exposure, aperture and speed shuter using for?
    because honestly i am interest with natural photograhy.

    i am planning to buy dslr camera, what is your suggest tome Nikon, sony, or canon???
    and for new comer/beginer…what type I am suppose tu buy???

    just for information…usually i use pocket camera to take the picture….so i have no idea at all how to start this hobbies…

    thanks bro..



  2. Hi Deni,

    I found a cool article from Billy Cane’s blog.
    This visual guide would answer your question (I hope).

    No matter you go with Nikon ,Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Fujifilm.. or others. All also make good camera, but which model or what kind of photography you like to venture? Nikon and Canon has broad range of equipments. The rest are very competent and has their unique technology like image stabilizer and weather proof camera body. It’s too wide and I recommend you to do some survey and trial. Browsing Flickr by camera category is a fun way to do this. So you know what good photo is taken with.

    As a Sony/Minolta man, I would happy to share my experience with you, any time.

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