My α Journey : My unofficial assignments

I love photography since 5 years ago. The biggest different is with Sony A100, I take photograph more seriously. I have to improve my skill continuously otherwise the usage DSLR would be no big different than point and shoot. Every weekend I would assign myself to busy with field trip. Newspaper and internet is the best resource to find shooting opportunity like fashion show, product launch, street performance, autoracing, community activities and so. Moreover, I love to become volunteer photographer for company events and wedding dinner. The pay out is I get better and better – from P mode to M mode. The knowledge has turn into experience now. Sony not only sold me a camera, moreover a photographer journey.

Photograph the Honda F1 show girls at shopping mall.

Some memorable moment in AirAsia: Tony Fernandes greet passenger arrived by last 737 aircraft which is going to ceased its service soon.

At the dog show event, a pug curious of his opponent drinking bowl.

Pit crew in A1GP at Sepang International Circuit.

Photograph my classmate wedding in her hometown.

Fashion show in Sungei Wang Plaza.

The Honda F1 promoter post with a woman.

Hari Raya celebrations in AirAsia.

Malay dancer performance at Maju Junction Mall during photography exhibition.

I use the “beercan” to do panning during MME 2008.

A friendly football match between AirAsia and British Commissioners.

Tony Fernandes and crew welcome the media and guest.

Williams F1 drivers – Nico Rosberg and Kazuki Nakajima.

My outing to shoot Bangunan Abdul Samad for the first time.

Lotus in pond. I was newly acquired Sony A100 in November 2007.


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