My α Journey: Revive the Legacy Lenses

When Sony acquires Minolta alpha system, the lenses keep in cupboard got its day back. The alpha has system enter to new chapter after introduction of A100. I’m happy because can reuse those lenses again. The first thing to revive these legacy items is to clean all fungus inside. I try to restore the lenses condition by DIY way. However it is very difficult than I expected because it is very precise optical equipment. Lastly I sent it to specialist to get the job done.

The “beercan” (70-210mm f4) and 50mm are two most talk-a-bout item in forum. Many members race to find it because these lenses produce special bokeh effect. The price has gone up very fast despite its age. The fast focusing speed of Sony Alpha had given those old lenses a new home. It is very unique to see Minolta lens on Sony Alpha camera. I love this kind feeling.

The Minolta systems I have consist of Maxxum 7000 body, AF4000 flash, two 28-80mm,50mm 1.7, 70-210mm “beercan” and 70-300mm “big beercan”.

Shot taken using 50mm. Fantastic out of focus background.

Another shot from 50mm 1.7.

When my “beercan” focus ring felt off, my heart did too.

The front elements is like a thick magnifier, about 2cm thickness.

Moon shot using “beeercan” after it recovered from operations.


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