My α Journey : Sony Alpha Convention 2008

The long wait finally end. Since George announced that 1st Sony Alpha Convention is going to host at Kuala Lumpur on October, Alphanatics has non-stop discussing this topic for months. The 400 seats were fully booked in advance and Sony Malaysia work day and night to deliver its best. Before the Sony Convention, Sony A900 has been show up in Photokina and pre-sale happen after that. Although we speculate A900 will launch in Malaysia during the convention, the excitement for me to hand on flagship DSLR is increasing day by day.

Sony Alpha Convention is taking place at Le Meridien. The exhibition features alpha system line up display, prototype and technology showroom, model shoot with superbikes and PS3 latest game – Afrika. As a Malaysian I feel proud because what being exhibit here are almost similar to Photokina 2008 recently.

The convention is featuring 8 seminars in 3 days. The speakers included Kris LeBoutiller, Mark Law, Azrul k. Abdullah, Grant Corban, Darren Chang, Choen Lee and Ted Adnan. All of them are professional photographer from different field work such as travel, fashion, architectural, events, commercial and automotive. The variety of seminar titles indicates organizer ambition in expose alpha user to professional level.

Moreover, some new user experience program was introduced to us. The most extraordinary would be a reality online show call Double Exposure. Participants are require to complete photography assignments in each episode. The final winner will get away grand prize consist of A900, Bravia TV, Carl Zeiss lenses series, super Vaio laptop and opportunity to work on magazine cover. Sounds like a day dream and the audition is open next week at Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival. Camera + reality show, what a combination!

Very soon, we are able to download Sony Alpha updates to our mobile phone from Sony shop. This is dedicated for techie like me who live and die with mobile gadget (besides camera). Another tempting good news is Sony and Carl Zeiss lenses go for price slash. Immediately the white lens 70-200mm becomes affordable to everyone. Last but not least, the Sony A900 is available at RM9999 (free gifts: F58 flash and camera battery). Wow, it’s less than RM10k 🙂 The most advance DSLR at cheapest price, it’s a steal! No joke.

Busy registration counter.

Welcome to Sony Alpha Convention 2008.

Let’s warm up the camera with girls and superbike.

This is muscular and Ghost Rider kind of…

Yeah! A900 has arrived!

The launching ceremony. Say YES to A90!

“Who want more stickers?” Every question ask is entitle a sticker. The most question asked participant will walk away with brand new A900 FREE!! The sticker system encourage interaction between speaker and audience.

Interaction with Mr Kris LeBoutiller after the seminar.

The silver lens is here! Featuring 70-400mm focal range.

The 24.6MP EXMOR CMOS sensor with Super Steady Shot. The world first full frame sensor with built in image stabilizer.

Dissection of Sony Alpha A900. Photography is science 🙂


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