My α Journey: Knowledge I learned from Alpha Convention 2008 Part 1

Mr. Kris LeBoutiller – Sports & Lifestyle image with the A900

Kris is a photographer from National Geographic Traveler. From his experience in using other DSLRs, A900 has most characteristic of old days film. He is very happy with the dynamic range and high details in output image. The sky never blown out and details always remain in shadow. He like to photograph people and tell story using camera. His working style is kinda relax to me. He will shoot the surrounding subjects before walk to the next interesting point. One of amateur photographer mistake is try to shoot everything in very short time. The patience in observation is important as technical skill. This is what make a professional photographer differentiate than a snapshot shooter.

Mr. Mark Law – Fashion Photography

Mark told us that professional photographer is to deliver client business needs. We can’t just shoot the way we like, but work out the concept that designer wish to emphasis most. Communications between client, model, producer and crew is very important. It’s not only photographer in studio, the team work sounds. Choice of equipments such as lenses and lightings are just part of the process. The option is in our hand to complete the task at best effort.

Mr. Grant Corbon

Grant told us that Malaysia wedding photography market is huge and potential. Wedding photographer need to have right skill and good attitude. A good business plan can ensure everything go on track and profitable. Besides satisfy client’s expectation, good business attitude is the key to maintain positive competition in wedding industry.

Mr. Azrul K.Abdullah

Azrul talked about the important of image copyrights. A good image copyrights management can bring more dollar and cents. It is serving as protection for photographer interests. Azrul share his years of experience about architectural world. Understanding continuity and functionality of a building is first task. We can photograph the walkways and surroundings to demonstrate architectural dimensions. The textures and detail shots are best to feature together in same series. Some handy gears such as GPS, spirit level, gear tripod and site plan are compulsory. As best practice, the subject must be photograph naturally and free from colour balance or perspective error.

Grant Corbon recommend this book for Black and White wedding photography. I grab it immediately on my way home. It’s only cost RM24.90 for such good learning material, it’s a steal! 🙂

I don’t hesitate to buy this book as well because it’s only RM14.90. Again, it’s a steal!! 🙂 🙂


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