My α Journey : Knowledge I learned from Alpha Convention 2008 Part 2

Darren Chang – Automotive Photography

Darren shown us the power of alpha kitlens. Photos taken from 17-80mm was featured in magazine. He is a creative person, from picture composition to DIY material. Single flash and a umbrella can deliver effects similar as studio lighting. Also some beautiful wide angle of car interior shot was accomplished using A900. Before session ended, we got chance to cover the Ducati GT1000 bike.

Ted Adnan – Location Portraiture

Ted keep telling us “Ted is not a good photographer” 🙂 The master of portraiture simply run through with us with 10 golden rules. Everything is simplified by his hilarious words. Yes, the key is not to memorize all technique but apply it into photography. There is no right and wrong, keep exploring and discover beyond text book.

Choen Lee – Thinking Out of the Box

Choen is like a ideas generator. His work is interpreted into humor and creativity. The “wow” factor in photo is good for eye exercise, it make the photo fun to view over and over again. His behind the production story also cool to listen for.


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