Cuppacake @ Wondermilk

Not long ago, I saw this event at Facebook and was attracted by the weird name: Wondermilk. Since the event was just around the corner, and the venue is just nearby, I clicked to join this event. The same day there will be a cupcake champion born in wondermilk. Wondermilk cafe is a very retro hangout, i found my school desks and chairs, the wall was painted with chalk art and grafitti. i register my name and was given a voucher for four petite cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate, mint(i tink!) and strawberry frosting), an icecream voucher (from an icecream van) and a very lucky number. since i was free last saturday, i decided to wait and see what happen next.. maybe my number will ge picked! then more and more retro and mod looking crowd are coming in…then VJ Marion joined in the crowd and she was interviewing the founder of wondermilk, i think..there was a wondermilk market on the roadside selling cool tee..wanted to get one but was too late, by the time i finish taking pictures and mucking around, it was sold off.. i saw the brand tho, from bandung called cellophane. liked was a melting hot day and my camera battery went flat faster than usual, the kind girl at free tattoo counter allowed me to charge my battery there under the desk.. (!) at last, the cupcake design contest was over and time for lucky draw, as usual i have no such luck with lucky draw.. hehe.. it was getting late and after a while, i left with a funky dont’ panic car was a nice afternoon well spend.


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