My alpha Journey: Official wedding assignment

I use to amaze to own expensive photography gear, especially those premium lenses. This is call poison. After attending some wedding photography seminars and peeping online gallery, I had poisoned by wedding photographer. Mr Zung (a Canon man) and Jessica Claire (a Nikon lady) are very poisonous. Of course not to miss out Grant Corban the A900 shooter.

I self recommend myself to be a official photographer for my friend. I want to challenge and feel how wedding photojournalist works. Zung says “Wedding photography include all kind of photography practices”. I like to shoot everything like he mentioned. I must try this. At the end, I give my self a 5/10, barely pass. Wedding photography is not those you missed the shot and can come back again. It’s very CHALLENGING INSTEAD. I like this kind of feeling and don’t want to compromise and get beaten.

Come and challenge me, I shoot wedding dinner for FREE!!

My next assignment would be this Saturday.

“Spirit of Challenge, The Power of Dreams” (borrow Honda taglige :P)



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