Bandung- Pasar Baru

We went to Pasar Baru by using Angkutan Kota. This is a building with 6th floor of textile and clothes selling shops. Try forth and five floor for cheaper and more clothes. You can get cheap top at 30,000R here and my mom got an imitation LV bag at 50,000R. I got a Bebe leggings for just 35,000R. My mom shopped the most there. A pair of imitation Adidas was 75,000R but you can still bargain. Most of the products are from China, so I suggest you can go to Shenzhen for more choices and even cheaper prices. Remember to bargain! and be careful of pickpockets!

There are a lot of snacks for sale at the lower ground floor but our driver suggested that the snacks are no good. Too oily and too many preservatives and seasoning. It says that the parking open from 500am but go after 800am.


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