Bandung- Road to Tangkuban Perahu

Leave early to avoid slow traffic, we left our hotel at 700am. I know, it’s so early, but the sun was up at 500am! Automatically I woke up at 530am and though it was 730am. You can reach this place in 45 minutes journey by car, just 25km from Bandung town.

You can see many rabbit stalls and strawberry farms along the way. Pay 2000 Rupiah to enter the farm for picking strawberries or 5000 Rupiah to pick strawberries and redeem a strawberry drink. You can pick as much as you can but you will be charged by ounces. 100 gram for around 15000 Rupiah. I think you can get better rate at Cameron Highlands though. A box of strawberries are also 15000 Rupiah, not really sweet but not sour. Acceptable! We did not pick any berries because it was not ripe enough.

You will wonder why so many rabbit stalls, it’s because they also sell rabbit sate! 15000 rupiah for ten sticks, we did not try it because, it’s made of rabbit!!


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