Bandung- Tangkuban Perahu

Entrance fee 35,000 Rupiah per person for non local. Take note, they do not charge your driver so please pay accordingly. You can smell the volcano before you can see the volcano. Bring along some sour plum or sweets to pop in your mouth because you will get dizzy with all these sulfur inhaling. The road up will be weaving here and there so you will get pretty dizzy too.

Nice foggy view along the road and you can see pine trees and huge bonsai tree. The condition of the road are bad though, our driver said the management was corrupted. The moment we reach the volcano crater, we are swamped by souvenirs sellers and guides asking if you want to see Kawah Mas, an active bubbling crater, for extra charges of course. It was a one hour and half walk to the place where you can see active volcano and boil some eggs in it’s hot pits.

We are so dizzy by the buzzing souvenir sellers and guides, we declined everything and left within 15 minutes. We were warned by some hotel guests that the souvenirs are sold are at exceptionally high price. Better bargain until you reach 25 % of the offered price.


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