Thumb Thumb Bear Ice Cream

This colorful icecream stall caught my eyes
instantly. Rupiah 5000 for 5 small ice cream cones. So cute! The flavors are
funky. I chose bubblegum (my fave), rainbow, oreo (safe flavor for mom), cotton
candy and blackberry(not dat kind!). Super cute and melt in your mouth sweet.
Great cheap dessert after a fiery lunch.




21 thoughts on “Thumb Thumb Bear Ice Cream

  1. Hi Riki, I was googleing one of my fav ice cream in Bandung-thumb2 bear and got this link on the 1# rank!!
    I’m originally from Bandung too, but live in Bali. At CIWALK I found this cute ice cream, and they want to franchise it, I was thinking to sell this in Bali, but I got no money! hmmm…ANyway, was hoping you posted a photo of you eating thumb thumb bear, buble gum flavor!! Thanks!

  2. Hai Riki saya udah coba thumb thumb ice cream di salah satu mal jakarta. My sons very like that. Bagaimana cara saya bisa franchise? tolong kabari……..

  3. I got the hotline service number, actually one of the founding father is my friend…
    please contact the following number:
    022 – 9110 8698

    1. Thanks to Michael for answering this million dollars question.
      Anyone has started their franchise are welcome to share with us.

  4. Hi riki…….better late than never…….:-))
    aku juga pernah coba kontak hotline service nya thumb thumb bear buat pesan untuk acara pesta…..but guess what ??
    no one answered my call !!!! are they serious in this business or not :-((

    By they way….Aku juga tertarik tuh dgn thumb thumb bear secara gitu…aku udah di cuekin………..beneran Michael has special relationship with the owner nih ?

    good luck with you too Riki 😛

  5. hai riki, salam kenal ya….
    Saya dah pernah nyoba thumb-thumb bear ice cream wkt di bandung dan saya tertarik buat buka di surabaya.
    Bisa minta info franchisenya donk?? kirim aja via email. Ditunggu segera lho.
    Makasih banyak ya. Gbu

  6. salam kenal, nama saya vina…. Saya mau mencoba bergabung dgn franchise ice thumb thumb bgmn ya caranya???? Tolong segera kabarin ya…. di tunggu jawabannya….

  7. Hai hai, saya Jenny. Bisa kasih info franchise-nya ga ya? soalnya cari-cari nomernya beneran ga ketemuuuu.
    Ada yang bisa bantu? need it ASAP hehehehehhehe, thanks \(^_^)/

  8. Haii..
    Salam knal yaa
    sy jga mau franchise thumb” bear ice
    Minta info franchise nyaa yaa
    Kirim ke email aja
    Thengkyuu =)
    Ditunggu yaa emailny

  9. nama saya johan…. Saya mau mencoba bergabung dgn franchise ice thumb thumb,lokasi di tangerang jakarta barat. bgmn ya caranya.mohon petunjuk dan di tunggu kabarnya atau call 085697149678

  10. haloo nama saya charles, saya ingin bergabung dengan franchise ice cream thumb thumb bear
    mohon minta info franchise dan kirim ke email saya
    terima kasih banyak.


  11. hai riki ,, please give me your contact person . . cz aq mau buka franchise nya thumb-thumb bear . . ditunggu secepatnya ya . . kirim lewat email ya. thanks

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