Sony Vaio Launch : assignment using W800i

Happen to be my Sony A100 was not around, thus I attended Sony Vaio launch
event at Sunway Lagoon with my W800i mobile phone.
My W800i is using hacked camera firmware, it has better picture quality and
slightly faster performance. Same time my memory card is running low too. I
have to shot carefully for usable shots. The result is outstanding from a
phone camera. The only thing I missed probably is show girls portraits close
up. They are more likely pay attention to big camera. Most of the show girls
are from PS3 game girls competition few months ago. But this time they are
in bikini.

Vaio with Blu-ray now.

Hi. Please look here.. my mobile phone need sometime to focus…

The CS family is here.

Stylish mouse.

Intel inside and outside, everywhere.

Thank you for allowing my mobile to together with SLR brothers.

Commercial shot.. not bad is it?

Mobile phone = lifestyle.

Mobile phone = luxury.

White drum = Blu-ray player.


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