Transit from Singapore to Malaysia : Amazing Race Style

This is second time I visit Singapore. Nothing much has been changed beside a new Singapore Flyers in travel guide. On the way back to Kuala Lumpur, I have taken a new route by doing bus transit at Johore Bahru (JB).

After say goodbye with friends at Lavender MRT station, I am headed to Kranji Station. It take 1 hour from Lavender to Kranji. I underestimate how far MRT can reach. Kranji MRT station is situated next to Singapore turf club. I follow everyone run from Kranji MRT to bus stop. I know it would be rush situation since many Malaysian are going back to JB after working hours. The queue is long and surprisingly everyone can be fitted into a bus. It’s about 70 passengers. It’s overload but it has to. The fare is SGD $1. Thousands of Malaysians are travel daily between country border to earn better dollar. I have to stand in ‘sardine can’ condition for about 15minutes. We reach Woodlands customs and as usual many cars and people is waiting for depature clearance. Bus stuck in traffic jam and it’s a raining evening. Bus driver allow passenger to walk toward customs which is 100m away.

In customs, the queue is long but officer is doing quick job. I went down to bus platform and rejoin the queue again. Since I am taking public bus service, I am not necessary to ride back the same bus. Any bus go to same route from same bus company will do. I am on 170 of SBS Transit. Within 10 minutes we reached JB customs. Again, bus has stopped in jam and we run in between the moving cars. This is not movie. Surprisingly Malaysia customs is doing better job than foreign country. We just have to walk pass the custom gate. Coming home is so easy breath.

The crowd I met during bus journey has dimissed. Most probably they have their own transport park nearby customs. This mean some buses will be vacant since most of the passenger has gone. Thus some buses refuse to take passenger and indicate us to wait for next bus. Luckily I am not waited to long and bus has arrived shortly. It took 15minutes from JB customs to Larkin bus station. I buy my Kuala Lumpur bus ticket immediately after get down from bus.

This two hours journey cost me SGD$1 (Singapore-JB) and RM$23.90 (JB – Kuala Lumpur). Express bus direct transit from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur would cost about SGD40. In summary I have saved about SGD$27 by travel this way. The journey experience is exciting but not recommend for who like to have peace in mind and time management. Lastly, my JB to Kuala Lumpur bus was delayed 90 minutes because of technical issue. What a trip.

1900 Depart from Lavender
2000 Reached Kranji Station
2005 Boarding bus to JB
2020 Arrived Woodlands customs
2030 Customs clearance
2040 Boarding bus to JB
2050 Reached JB customs
2100 Boarding bus to JB
2115 Reached Larkin Station

The ‘amazing bus’ I ride for whole journey from Kranji-JB.

Make sure you are in the right lane. It’s very difficult to walk out because the long pack queue.

Hundreds of people waiting bus transit to JB.

Walk in the rain and between cars.

Hey! We haven’t board yet!

This is the ticket. Route 170 and fare SGD 1.

Phew… I’ve made it! 9.30pm JB-KL. But bus delayed till 11pm.


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