Price of photo

Come across a question about photography service charges. How much should be reasonable? Is there a fair price? I’m amateur photographer. To me, the price is resided on the client point of view.

There are famous wedding photographer quote for RM2000 per event and also new photographer offer RM500 per event. They provide same kind of service – taking photos. What is the different of RM2000 and RM500? Judge from picture quality solely? How to evaluate each photo with its price? Is there any guideline or comparison?

Photography is art. Photo taking is services. It is difficult to set a fix price or comparison. Rich man buy luxury car, they claim it is worthwhile. Working class people buy national car, it is worth too. It is because point of view from both party is different. How much you think the wedding moment worth? From there you hire photographer that equivalent to your value point. As mentioned earlier, photographer is here to take photos. Wedding happen only once, hire photographer to document it is very important. You can judge them by viewing their portfolio.

Sum, you are paying for someone to capture your precious moment. If they failed, fired them! Price is nothing.


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