Bubba & Gump Restaurant, The Curve Petaling Jaya

Forest Gump is one of my favorite movie. The straight guy live his simple life with honesty. Fame and adventure come and go but Gump never regret of anything. Life live on because “it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get each time”. I only understand this saying later when I have opportunity to taste box chocolates.

Bubba Gump Restaurant located at The Curve, Petaling Jaya. It has two floor and more than 40 tables. It is like a fishing jetty with full of Gump and friends picture. The upper floor has a dining room which is same as Bubba’s grandmother house dining hall. If you watch the movie before, Bubba’s mother, grand mother and great grand mother all cook shrimp šŸ™‚

The dishes are mostly shrimp based, New York styles. My drink is called Jenny’s Favorite, strawberry blended with yogurt. It’s very fresh and delicious yogurt drink. We have ordered Run Across America Sampler and Bourbon Street Baramundi. The sampler is good to serve 3 people. Meanwhile, barramundi is made of mash potato with grilled shrimp.

Restaurant crews are very friendly. While we are waiting our order, they throw us a trivia about Forest Gump. It is very fun for who like the movie or Gump story. We were rewarded with complimentary ticket for garlic bread in next dines in. Total spent RM 105.

Outside the restaurant, there is a merchandise shop for Gump fans. Overall this is a good restaurant which reminds me of Chilis and TGIF. But I much like Gump’s philosophy šŸ™‚


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