My alpha Journey : Sony A100 Revitalized

My beloved Sony A100 hot-shoe was crack due to excessive wear. There was many complaints about Sony Alpha hot-shoe especially it doesn’t lock the flash unit firmly. After 12 months of usage, my flash unit is sometimes falling off from hot-shoe. I am worry it happen during event shooting because it might hit some one head. My approach is to secure the flash unit with my left thumb to ensure its stability.
When times come, I have sent A100 and F42 flash unit to Sony Service Center. Surprisingly it was ready for collection after two working days. Double surprise is: It was fixed at no cost under warranty coverage. Triple surprise is: MY A100 TOP PART WAS ENTIRELY REPLACED WITH NEW. F42 MOUNT REPLACED TOO.
I can’t believe I’m using an as new unit now. The top part replacement included new functions dial knob, quick scroll dial, shutter button, shooting mode button, exposure button and rubber grip. My one year old rubber grip which is slightly falling off now is new and it feels more rigid in my hand.
Thank you for providing good customer service (again), Sony Malaysia.


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